My Inspiration came from gardening , where I realise , plants are not connected to the Internet of things.

This Prototype, is able to provide user with soil moisture reading, Temperate / Humidity sensor reading .At the current time am working on so the device is connected to the Internet via Azure mobile services, hence allowing user to see how well their plant is doing, in addition the plant pot can send push notification to your device alerting user if it requires attention.

This Prototype was build using Arduino Uno , DHT22 Humidity sensor , OLED Display and Soil moisture sensor.

The challenges I ran into , being dyslexic meant I had to re-read three or four times a same webpage with additional information. so it was slow process , still not able to fix the Arduino Ethernet shield IP address issue. but I do have another 3 hours to go so anything can happen.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The accomplishment I am proud of is that I learnt how to use the sensor with Arduino , and in doing so I also learnt how to use Microsoft Azure mobile services.

What's next for iPot (The Intelligence Plant Pot)

The future is full of unlimited possibilities for this type of device , plan is to add a basic A.I ability, if the IP issue is not fix within the next three hours , then to find a fix for this and make it easier for other user to be able to fix this bug with Arduino.

Built With

  • arduino-programming-language".
  • arduino-uno
  • c#
  • dht22-sensor
  • oled-display
  • soil-sensor
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