iPonzi started off as a joke between us, but we decided that PennApps was the perfect place to make our dream a reality.

What it does

The app requires the user to sign up using an email and/or social logins. After purchasing the application and creating an account, you can refer your friends to the app. For every person you refer, you are given $3, and the app costs $5. All proceeds will go to Doctors' Without Borders. A leader board of the most successful recruiters and the total amount of money donated will be updated.

How I built it

Google Polymer, service workers, javascript, shadow-dom

Challenges I ran into

  • Learning a new framework
  • Live deployment to firebase hosting

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Mobile like experience offline
  • App shell architecture and subsequent load times.
  • Contributing to pushing the boundaries of web

What I learned

  • Don't put payment API's into production in 2 days.
  • DOM module containment

What's next for iPonzi

  • Our first donation
  • Expanding the number of causes we support by giving the user a choice of where their money goes.
  • Adding addition features to the app
  • Production

Built With

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