I noticed growing up that certain elderly, and the young especially, take a lot of different kinds of medicine, and it is hard for them to remember exactly what type of pill to take at what time of the day, in which dosage. This is a really huge problem, because it has a huge impact on survivor rates against diseases, and is completely preventable. So we decided to make a simple, user-friendly app for patients who are taking medication to use, and sometimes need a little help remembering when.

What it does

Users can enter in different medications, and specify which times of the week they take them. Users are sent notifications at the time they entered for each pill, reminding them to take that one at that time of the day. Each user's medication is linked to an online account, so they can receive notifications on any of their devices.

How I built it

We built the app using Swift and created a backend using PHP/MySQL.

Challenges I ran into

When it came to notifications, figuring out how to implement them in Apple's ecosystem was a challenge. It was rather challenging to test and debug them, and make sure they were being triggered on the correct times of all days of the week.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were proud of the fact that a) none of us knew Swift going into this hackathon, and we all pulled together really quickly to learn the language, b) and we created an app that many people can benefit from. This was also our first hackathon and so we're really proud of the whole experience.

What I learned

We learned a lot about the app development process and a lot of the challenges that come across with testing code, debugging code, and designing the UI. We became more comfortable with working under the pressure of time constraints, and we learned a lot about creating apps that can help serve users.

What's next for iPharm

Next we have planned several features: 1) A prescriptions feature - reminds users of when their medication is running out so they can remember to refill it 2) A medical database feature that automatically fills in user information about pills, when to take them, their common side effects and their active ingredients. 3) An artificial intelligence feature that automatically suggests cheaper or more effective possible replacements for drugs.

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