The problem

The social responsibility of the citizen is undoubtedly recognized as determinants for the economic, social and environmental development of the society in which they are inserted. However, forgetting their real objective, socially responsible practices are often focused on strict compliance with legal obligations. In this context, this project characterizes the Rural and Urban Context that demands the new economic strategies, replacing the previous strategies based on the capital market paradigm.

The development of networks linked to “COVID (19-20-21-***) widely used in the approach of this project seems to be an effective tool to outline a sustainable development methodology to defend vulnerable people location.

The establishment of alliances and partnerships will made possible by international cooperation, the most appropriate way to promote the VPL geolocalization, which in complementarity with various community programs and initiatives, defend the public interest of all as citizens with equal rights.

In fact, the team will be focus on best practices to face concrete problems of desertification and the economic decline of lower density territories. Innovative and interesting interventions in one location may have applicability in another or other locations, with identical characteristics, even if located at a great distance, even in other countries.

So, civil society in its various aspects and interests are privileged partners of the State, consolidating the individual rights of VP as citizens facing the political and economic power. However, the recognition of social responsibility of all the society depends on their ethical and on the values underlying the global framework of their decisions.

The proposed solution

This project aims to promote the local economies that are dependent on the settlement of populations in rural territories and the realization of public and private investments, which provide lower density regions with infrastructures that allow them to take advantage of their potential and, in a balanced way, preserve the its cultural and environmental heritage, as well as its traditional activities.

We are open to new developers to help us to build an app and web application in all Europe is one of the continents with the largest number of ageing populations. In the particular case of Portugal, there are two issues to be taken in account: desertification of the interior of the country and the large percentage of the ageing population.

The "Senior Census" Operation created by the Republican National Guard (GNR), which takes place annually throughout the national territory of Portugal, and which consists of signalling the elderly population who are living alone and / or isolated, or in a situation of vulnerability due to their physical, psychological or another, has tried to help in the face of the problems previously faced.

Thus, the interest of our team in this Operation lies in the fact that the authorities experience difficulties in carrying out the control and monitoring of this population. With the current pandemic situation COVID-19, this task becomes even more complicated to control and monitor, so the objective of our project would be "Mapping vulnerable people and their needs" through their Geolocation. The group of vulnerable people that we pretend to help and integrate are: • Old People; • Gypsy's; • ERASMUS Students; • PALOP Students; • Homelessness; • Poor Familys (including people with bad housing conditions); • Refugees; • Victims of Domestic Violence; • COVID positive group; • Risk Group (cronhic diseases, alchool dependent, drugs dependent); & • Disabled citizens.

By mapping and identifying these groups of vulnerable people, we can create an integrated management system, that could help the various public and private entities that assists in the knowledge of its populations, including the provision of better support, control and more effective and efficient monitoring. This idea, in a first phase, is designed for Portugal but, it may also be implemented in other European countries. We are five creative and dynamic people (at the moment), and we are looking for people with experience in: risk management, software development, data science, media and communication as well as social sciences. Thank you for your time, and we're open to new suggestions!

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