Storing large data is an expensive operation for both the user and the blockchain. Therefore, it has become popular to store such files on decentralized storage such as IPFS. I thought it would be convenient to work with IPFS directly from the Sync2 wallet.

What it does

Now this is a working service for working with IPFS inside the Synс2 wallet. The service allows you to upload files in IPFS formats images: jpg, bmp, png, svg musical: mp3 video: mp4 text: txt, json download data(hashes from IPFS ) the locale is stored in the storage of the Synс2 wallet. The user can always see the download history. The user can use this service for saving files for NFT tokens or his DAPPs To test this service need to start the wallet Sync2 from my pull request

How we built it

Based on the current wallet Sync2, I made an additional option

Challenges we ran into

To save formats such as pdf, you need to connect third-party libraries. This is a cryptocurrency wallet and in order to add a new library you need to know that this will not affect security.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The service is working. Now you do not need to go to third-party services, you can download directly from your Sync2 wallet.

What we learned

VeChain, IPFS, Sync2

What's next for IPFS service in Sync2

I'm waiting review of my PR I'll work to add formats pdf, docs, avi etc. I want the user to enjoy using this service in his work or business

Built With

  • ipfs
  • sync2
  • vue.js
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