Foreign Language classes have always been our biggest struggles during high school, and we wanted to overcome this difficulty in a fun and productive way. We designed this site to get people from across the globe to help each other learn the language they would like to learn.

How it works

Our site can be found on the Azure cloud. Basically the user will enter his/her name and enter his primary language and language he would like to learn. To incorporate the video chat we used google hangouts and the user just enters the url given by google into our site and we store it into our mini "database." Once another user logs in with the opposite languages you entered the two people will be linked via the google hangouts and can start chatting in the respective languages they want to learn.

Challenges I ran into

The major challenges we ran into were using php as we were new to the language and had to learn the basics. Another major problem was video chatting as embedded the video is not allowed via google hangouts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to present this idea as functional and ready to use.

What I learned

-php -google hangouts api -javascript -html

What's next for iPal

Built With

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