We became inspired to create this application after finding a lack of simple and usable application design tools. The app would be very useful for business communication as well as private development.

We have a website built on MVC, ASP.NET, Javascript, and HTML which allows users to register and design their application. We also built a Java application which works as an offline counterpart for taking your designs on the road.

The offline IP Mockup tool was built without the use of any frameworks which made for a lot of extra work. On the web interface, we had dynamic dragging and dropping using pure Javascript and jquery.

The web app looks really smooth and professional. With a little polishing this tool could be a very useful resource for individuals and companies looking to share their designs.

We learned that Java is not the most convenient tool for designing user interfaces without framework. Also, don't spend too much time playing chess.

We would like to clean up the web app and the offline app, add extra functionality and move into production.

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