A group finances that manages who owes who money. Say a group of four friends take a weekend trip to Indianapolis. Odds are that more than once on their trip someone is going to pay for someone else. Our app keeps track of this, and makes it easy to keep both yourself and your group members updated on who owes you money and who you owe.

We call different sections of expenditures "groups", as they may include several different people, and each are made for a different event. Within each group is a listing of members and a description of the money in between you and they. If you owe them money, that appears in red next to their name. If they owe you money, that appears in green next to their name. Its all about money in relation to you, the user.

Phones communicate through a TCP Server to keep others in your groups updated on what they owe you. This app is all about you, and making sure your finances are settled.

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