Talking to everyone in slack is awesome but organizing events can be hard. Someone who could lend a hand and reduce the task of the organizer could help him organize more and help the participation rate. Getting money to the right person is also something that could be added to slack.

What it does

The Slackbot handle creating events in a particular channel. It will prompt channel user to attend or decline event and then handle all the reminders for the payment of the event to the event organiser with reminders and expenses tracking.

Tldr:We simplify the job of organizing and the easiness to attend and pay the organizer.

How I built it

We user slack api to add slash command to each channel and handle all the processes of : - Creating Events - Subscribing and Unsubscribing to a Event - Paying the Organizer of the event (Paypal or possibly other Payment Gateways) - Tracking who Owe who how much

What I learned

We learned a lot about slack and how much is possible with their API and Bots.

What's next for IOU

We are trying to simplify features and add more gateways for payment. Getting our share of the transaction in % is also in our Top Priority to be profitable.

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