We were inspired by the numerous times where we've either heard or said the phrase: "I'll pay you back". Naturally, this phenomenon caused grief for many of us when we remember that someone owes us money, but they don't and the awkwardness of reminding them in person is avoided by just not mentioning it. But no longer will this be the case with IOU.

What it does

IOU is a web application that we built using various technologies that leverages the power of the PayPal API, StdLib API and the Algolia API to easily send payments so friends will always be even in terms of money.

How we built it

We built IOU from the ground up. First, creating the basic structure of the application and from there we worked on the API integration and the frontend design.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenges we ran into were conflicts between technologies and compatibility. In particular, we tried to implement the Interac API but ran into some trouble, and switched to a more familiar API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we completed the web application and honed our skills of working on an MVP in a team environment.

What we learned

Before beginning IOU we were simply 4 individuals with a passion for software, but after conquering this arduous 36-hour long journey, we have learned all about the importance of moving forward as a team so our product can be made effectively and efficiently.

What's next for IOU

We believe that no product is ever complete, as more and more features and optimizations can be added. Next, we plan on refining some of the product and using the non-test version of the PayPal API to offer real transactions for users.

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