For most of us when it comes to our ancestors, out of sight is out of mind. Our lives are busy and we don't often take time to remember our ancestors. With IoTree, you can remember important dates from the lives of 30 of your ancestors. A leaf in IoTree represents an ancestor from you FamilySearch Family Tree.

Each day IoTree checks to see if an important ancestor event occurred on that day and alerts you by lighting that ancestor's leaf in the tree. You are also notified when an ancestor's information changes in FamilySearch. When an alert occurs for an ancestor, you can see it in the mobile app as well as receive a text message. No smartphone required to receive SMS messages.

This is a great way to connect your kids to their ancestors.

IoTree frame

IoTree is more than just a beautiful piece of framed art, it is an internet connected device with a micro-controller enclosed in its 26" x 20" x 1¼" frame. Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging technology where devices or “things” are connected to the internet. Think of a portable fitness tracker, smart thermostat or door that you can unlock with your phone.

IoTree is an IoT device made specifically for connecting families with their ancestors. It is the first IoT device that we are aware of designed for family history.

Setting up IoTree is easy.


IoTree is the CHECK ANCESTOR light™ for your family history. Take a moment to discuss your ancestor with your family or someone else. With IoTree, you can receive about 100 ancestor reminders a year which means more thinking about them and more conversations with your family.

Check Ancestor light

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