Q: What is new in this? A: Most of the online payments today done through the Credit Cards or PayPal. Banks are not player in the game. By providing the POS to the merchant the payment will be routed to the bank for “pay by account” transactions

Q: Why Credit Cards are not good enough? A: They are expensive. Merchants bare the full responsibility for “I didn’t do it” transactions.

Q: What about PayPal? A: Well, they are another player. But, according to survey, Consumers want their bank or financial institution to power their connected device payments experience **** Seventy-seven percent said that they want their financial institution to enable these new ways to pay. Fewer than 30% of connected consumers trust the large technology companies (Google at 26%, Apple at 23% and Microsoft at 10%)

Q: What is the business model? A: Providing the cloud base services to banks based on subscription and pay-per-transaction model

Q: What is next? A: As a platform on cloud, located in the center of the transaction traffic we can utilize it for multiple services: Market analysis Virtual accounts Digital Wallets Fraud detection

Q: How is it different from PSD2? A:PSD2 is for EU only We don’t need bank to expose the customer information; we are part of the bank’s service We provide two factor or any other strong authentication, payment authorization and digitally signed payment request And in general, we can be part of the PSD2 deployment

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