I saw a post on the website "" where they were having a contest for people who can come up with the best IoT idea so it got me thinking what does the internet of things need more than anything right now. I decided one of the most important aspects was to have a standard for devices and mobile applications to communicate so users would only ever need to download one app for all of their devices.

What it does

Our app communicates with a server which then directs data to each device. Our app takes a JSON and parses it into an interface which is then displayed on the app as well as parses out the data the smart device uses, and then the user can view and edit data for the smart device which will be updated immidiately.

How we built it

For our prototype, we have three parts. Our front end being the mobile application that takes the standard we created and turns it into a human readable display. A server that takes data from the app and determines which smart device needs to be updated. And the last part was the smart device we call a "gadget", this gadget simulates smart lightbulbs capable of changing color and being turned on and off from the app.

Challenges we ran into

We found it very difficult to get AWS support for the server and figuring out how to deploy our webapp to AWS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a JSON parsing library for android that is capable of creating layouts with views and viewgroups nested in each other as well as having support for recyclerviews, dialog popup and button action listeners.
Creating a backend using AWS to host our webapp and our database.

What we learned

We learned a lot about AWS and the android library regarding view positioning and many of the graphical components that can be glossed over when developing a typical android app.

What's next for IoTMasterApp

Adding more to the parsing library as well as adding more features to our standard language between the app and the devices.

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