With iOS rolling out an in built QR code scanner in the camera, this provides a ubiquitous, easy to use (very low barrier of use) way to interact with real world objects. We envision a world where can access information about any real world object and interact with these objects simply by scanning and clicking. The use cases are endless: scanning bus stop to get bus schedule and pay ticket, scanning medications to get drug content and directions, scanning school equipment to get instruction and request maintenance, scanning restaurant check to pay and give feedback. Furthermore — this paves the way for the upcoming AR revolution!

What it does

We're building the first online, crowdsourced registry for physical objects. Users, organizations, manufacturers can snap an image of an object in the world, assign it some metadata, then print out a QR code representing that digital record of the object. Other users simply scan a QR code and access the page associated with the object. Imagine seeing a washing machine that's broken — what if you could scan its QR code, read about how to fix it, and contact a service person right in that UI?

How We built it

We build this with ReactJS, Node, Express, and MongoDB.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to figure out what features to double down on, and also how to work on front-end and backend concurrently (without getting out of sync with our API design).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting this to actually work!

What I learned

That ideas are cheap — execution is everything. Also, that your idea evolves as you build it.

What's next for IoTize

Nail the QR code interaction user flow. More robust UI. Get some sleep. Getting a more robust and idiot proof MVP. Add a security layer. Invest more on data analytics. We're hoping to also come up with an idea of how to represent "Events" or "Interactions". What if you could scan a QR code, and engage in an interaction that taught you more about financial literacy? or credit cards? Or what if you could scan a QR code for an event or promotion?

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