With iOS rolling out an in built QR code scanner in the camera, this provides a ubiquitous, easy to use (very low barrier of use) way to interact with real world objects. We envision a world where can access information about any real world object and interact with these objects simply by scanning and clicking. The use cases are endless: scanning bus stop to get bus schedule and pay ticket, scanning medications to get drug content and directions, scanning school equipment to get instruction and request maintenance, scanning restaurant check to pay and give feedback, etc.

What it does

A user simply needs to scan a QR code and access the page associated with the object. They will now be able to perform any action the owner of the product/the content generator allows on it. Anyone can scan and anyone can add and own objects.

How I built it

We build this with react-bootstrap, mongodb

Challenges I ran into

Getting data from different use contexts for to seed our MVP. Getting the Front-end working with the way we wanted with the constant changes in our data schema.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting this to actually work

What I learned

React, MongoDB

What's next for IoTize

Getting a more robust and idiot proof MVP. Add a security layer. Invest more on data analytics.

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