I very much like visualizing the environment around us using technology, I also like to see that technology implemented into fashion or clothing, as it adds a challenge of making the device rugged for everyday life.

What it does

It is a little flash drive sized board with built in wifi and a 7x15 array of leds. It can display any information from the web when programmed correctly.

How I built it

It is comprised of 3 main components, a lipo battery, an esp8266 module and a 7x15 charlieplexed led display.

Challenges I ran into

I was intending to program it using micropython, however the board was having issues with the file storage and I ended up switching to c++. The characters are also a bit big for the display, making it only able to dispay 3 at a time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to connect it to the lehigh guest wifi, which I thought to be a very challenging task.

What I learned

prototype circuits are very delicate, and when trying to save space, not very practical, but they can do amazing things.

What's next for IoT wearable

I would like to cram as many little side animations and programs onto the board until the 648 kb of flash is used up.

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