What it does

IoT Device attached to Secondary Collection Waste Box , It is Connected to Google Cloud IoT core using Esp8266 Wifi Module with Arduino IoT Google Cloud Core , Smart waste collection boxes IoT modules regularly uploads Level of Wastes and Other Box Status , Another Web application will be used as Dashboard for Waste Management Authorities to Explore Status ,access Log , Waste Level Percentage in order to optimize the Collection Process and Save Resources, the Waste box has another Compartment for primary Wastes which will be collected by Hajj Group Admin who has Magnetic CardID to access the Box to Enter the waste collected from his Hajj Group and the Hajj Group will be awarded with Points as incentive for more waste Collection , This Waste Compartment has a Weight sensor to sense the quantity and send it to the Google Cloud for Hajj Groups Points Log.

How we built it

bold The system has been built of four parts: IoT Device Connected to the cloud , Waste Box with Level sensors, web app as Dashboard for Waste Management Authorities,.

The container or Waste Box is distributed across Mina's (most Waste generation area As first Stage), Boxes which transmit data from the sensors to the Google Cloud . The Web app contains a Level sensor received data from the IoT devices, Web-app will show the Waste box load times before they are filled as useful data . Also to assess how much waste box could handle , the location of the containers near crowd and whether it should be collected or it have more capacity to handle , Exact location of urgent boxes to be handled will be available and could be reached easily by Google Maps. The application is useful for truck drivers in communicating with the webapp in determining the route plan and alerting them for more priority.

Challenges we ran into

Road congestion and urgency to collect waste at that time if the box has a reserve to handle more waste The ِcollective waste disposal system The motivation of campaigns and pilgrims to adhere to the collection by points rewards as an incentive Benefiting from a large amount of waste in this period

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Connecting of Waste Boxes through using of a Future technology of IoT
  • Reducing the Huge cost paid for Wastes collection contractors by optimizing the collection process and reducing logistics cost dramatically.

What we learned

-Team Building -Cooperation -Positive Thinking

What's next for IoT Waste Box N-083

Development of waste recycling. The process of benefiting pilgrims financially Activate all properties through another the mobile application Usage of machine learning and Data analysis

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Built With

  • angular-framework-(-javascript)
  • api-and-database
  • api-and-database.
  • api-cloud-iot-device-from-google-cloud-iot-care
  • authorities
  • css
  • css3
  • europeana
  • html5
  • including-google-maps
  • iot-devise
  • iot-firm-ware
  • ir-or-weight-sensor
  • mongodb-(-no-sql-database)
  • node-js-(-javascript)
  • web-application-connected-to-cloud-iot-device-and-maps-google-api
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