What it does

Flip the switch, and it does something mysterious to turn itself off. Different patterns exist. Fully customization, you can add more patterns using the app!

How we built it

Hardware: Lots of wood, planning and calculations, trial and error, and a couple hours at the machine shop. Electronics include a Particle Photon, Arduino Uno, speakers, servos, relays, lightbulbs, leds, and lots of wires.

Software: App built with Java in Android Studio. Control program made in Particle Dev using C++/Arduino/Particle.

Challenges we ran into

Hardware: Only had 3.5 hours in the machine shop to create the box. We had to prototype and iterate 4 times on the arm shape and switch flip, and 3 times on getting the lid to open properly. Also ran into issues driving all the servos using one Particle Photon, resorted to using both Arduino and Particle Photon to drive the hardware together. Many power sources to drive the variety of lights and speakers required relays, which increased the wiring complexity of the project.

Sotftware: Flashing (uploading via cloud) code to the Particle Photon proved impossible using EDUROAM, with many alternative methods proving to be difficult as well. The cloud/app/control program information flow also took time to design and implement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The box looks really sick, and we spent almost 100% of our time hacking. Team no sleep!

What we learned

Getting a stable 5v source alternative to the micro-controllers would have been ideal. Also, physical projects involving woodworking, and multiple movable components are always easier to design to to create. We ran into many physical hurdles along the way.

What's next for IoT-Useless-Goose-Box

Polish up the app, get rid of the rubber band on the front, and show to friends!

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