This model is inspired by the increasing petrol prices, increasing pollution, more usage of E-vehicles, also integrating maximum advantages into a single model. Also the main motive behind is to promote the maximum usage of Eco-friendly sources.

What it does

It an automobile with a unique blend of dual charging and dual driving techniques. It has multiple advantages, can be driven on road, inside large college campuses, inside huge offices etc provides the convenient, easy and safe drive

How we built it

we built it by using various devices amalgamating into a single model like solar cells, rechargeable batteries, charging slots, microcontrollers, DC controller, various sensors, its unique design makes it special and different form all other automobiles.

Challenges we ran into

challenges were to incorporate all the devices used into a single unit, manage the sizes for solar cell.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are highly proud for this model as we have won the state level organized by the Government. Model is also successfully approved to all the demands involved in it.

What we learned

Project uses various connections, mechanism definite measurement's which is highly appreciable in learning the various concepts of physics various electronic devices are merged into a single unit.

What's next for IOT solar slab bike

Reviewing to modernize the IOT solar slab bike and looking to install more electronic devices for its upgradation which will make it fully automatic.

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