Overall Concept: Problem vs. Solution


Making the world a smaller connected place and building a growing community is no more an option. We've seen a variety of platforms connecting people together or people to services, but how about connecting smart devices to people under the biggest social network platform... Facebook. IBM Watson, Google cloud and Microsoft Azure have already implemented IoT as part their services. Why not providing all Facebook users with a smart and social IoT platform? This could possibly be the first social smart platform in the world!


We are launching “IoT” – a revolutionary form of social platform/application granting Facebook users the ability to control their smart devices with the possibility of granting/revoking access to/from other Facebook users of their friend list. Tech-wise, this is probably the world’s first smart/social IoT system. “IoT” allows every Facebook user to invite a Facebook friend of his own to access/control a smart device of your choice. “IoT” is more like a smart house - managed by Facebook users of your selection – with smart logs, alerts/alarms and behavior analysis yielded by implemented AI algorithms.

What it does

“IoT” consist at the moment of one main platform:

Mobile application

  • Can login with Facebook to get into the program.
  • Can invite Facebook users to access one of your smart devices.
  • Can revoke access from any user from the smart device you own.
  • Can see history logs.
  • Can schedule an invite (By days or Hours)


Technical Methodology

The core platform of “IoT” will be an introductory mobile application. With “IoT”, you can invite - or schedule and invitation to – a Facebook friend allowing them to access your smart device. Accessing your smart device can be like opening a house door lock, turning off the bedroom lights, adjusting your AC/Heater mode or switching it on/off, turning off your oven, controlling your smart TV and much more.

“IoT” will study your daily behavior via implemented AI algorithms and notify users and generate early warnings about devices functioning in an unexpected manner based on previous behaviors and actions. For example, your daily behavior shows that you keep your heater active for about 5 hours a day and for someday the heater was left active for 8 hours. On the spot, a user will receive a notification asking him about the case and whether he would like switch it off or keep it active.

For users that have been invited to control a smart device, all actions will be logged on the system. Moreover, every action on a device not of your own will send a push notification for the device owner along with all the action details. The device owner will be in full control to either keep the action going or revoking access from the invited user.

Business Methodology

“IoT” will collect all data generated by the activity and interaction of each user with the smart devices installed at his house. This data can be mined and used for:

  • Generating targeted Ads on Facebook based on the collected data.
  • Give Facebook real footprints on the behavior of each user with smart devices in their house.
  • Various behavior studies such as:
    • Light behavior (Daily sleeping hours for each user)
    • Door Lock behavior (How many hours does this person spend inside/outside the house, etc...)
    • AC/Heater (Information gathering related to temperature)
    • TV (Information gathering related to movie genres, number of hours spent on TV, etc..)

How we build it

We have built the whole thing keeping Facebook users in mind and their daily behavior reflected by their smart devices into consideration. This is probably world's first fully social/smart system allowing users to easily manage their devices and allow to study their daily behavior and target them with precautionary alerts/alarms and a detailed logging system. We have used an exciting app for an easy demo.

Challenges we ran into

The major technical challenge was the fact of dealing with smart devices and allowing Facebook users of your selection to access this device requires a lot of security and privacy consideration. By creating a methodology for logging every action, revoking access from all users, and granting access based on selected time span, we believe we have addressed these issues successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a social/smart house and making the world a smaller connected place.

What's next for “IoT”

  • Consider facial recognition for authorizing access to smart devices.
  • Prompt users about nearby devices.
  • Behavior and analytics charts.
  • Targeted Ads based on daily behavior and interaction smart devices.

Built With

  • graph-api-(Facebook Login)
  • mysql
  • Angular Js
  • Ionic 1
  • PHP
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