The main inspiration for the demo was desiring to solve real-life problems, to help people in different industries work more efficiently and with pleasure. Furthermore, cutting edge blockchain technologies and powerful front-end creation tools are giving us decent base to create.

What it does

The typical challenges of logistic industry making apparent use case for the distributed ledger technologies.
Proposed demo simulate collaboration between parties involved in cargo transportation logistic chain. Collaboration actors: Client, Logistic Company (3PL), Contractor 1 (4PL), Contractor 2 (4PL). Client wants its cargo to be transported by Logistic Company; Logistic company orchestrate 4PL contractors to make transportation. Business collaborations are done privately, using private encrypted smart contracts (JPMorgan Quorum platform). Smart Oracle concept is represented by Fleet Board IoT device, which is emitting data straight to the private smart contract. For current stage it was roughly simulated.

How we built it

We split backend, frontend and blockchain development into 3 separate parts. We developed and tested parts separately following common architecture, using same data structures. After all parts were relatively ready we integrated everything together. Thanks to such approach a solution is very portable, maintaining modular design. Each part of the system is easily interchangeable and parts are not dependant on each other.

We setup our own blockchain network, hosted on ubuntu virtual machine, used blockchain technology quorum gives the possibility to implement business-to-business usecases (PBFT consensus, privacy).

Challenges we ran into

  • Smart smart contract architecture - Creating an architecture which is suitable for all kind of usecases
  • Technology fusion - Combining and fusing all kind of technology
  • Finding appropriate problem solution - Analyzing existing processes and requirements to come up with the most appropriate solution

Accomplishments that we are proud of


  • Security - Data immutability, stored transactions are unchangeable
  • Holistic View - A universal view of information from a single source
  • Simplicity - Decreased operational costs and complexity
  • Speed – Faster data transfer time
  • Transparency - Providence and greater transparency for regulatory reporting

Web client

  • Universal - Is suitable for multiple role parties, can be used for various type of usecases
  • Portable - web client can be launched separately on multiple machines and work with same existing blockchain
  • Fast - thanks to bleeding edge technologies web client works blazing fast. Never experience a lag

What we learned

  • How to create and use private blockchain from scratch
  • How to integrate blockchain into modern web apps
  • Blockchain backend architecture

What's next for IOT powered supply blockchain

  • Integrate higher range of data into blockchain
  • Implement more usecases
  • Set up our own ICO

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