We set out to solve the problem of doctors not having a means to know when, what and to whom they wrote a prescription for. With this knowledge the doctors can avoid prescription mistakes and prescribe drugs to patients more safely. We wanted a system that was dumb but SMART and secure. Something which could be deployed nationwide, even internationally with a strong enough network.

What it does

We have NFC tags underneath each prescription pill cap. This cap contains information on the prescription, patient, manufacturer and the drug itself. An electronic copy of this data is securely uploaded using the _ NOKIA MOTIVE Platform _ using a WiFi enabled LWM2M hub with an NFC reader. The work flow is as follows:

  • The patient gives the pharmacist the prescription
  • The pharmacist enters the prescription into the desktop app
  • The drug, pharmacy, patient, doctor and manufacturer information is gathered and transferred to the NFC tag
  • A digital copy is uploaded by the hub to the server using the MOTIVE network into a read only API.

How we built it

Used Edison with Xshadow kit for the NFC hub. Used NFC tags to be inside the pill caps. Made an offline C# application for the entry of data. Used LWM2M and HTTP calls to send data t the server.

Challenges we ran into

Intel Edison

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a server

What we learned

Too many things for one night.

What's next for IoT Pills


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