1. Inspiration : In our team, we think that sign language is more complex to understand, then this idea emerge. We want to communicate with mute people and try to understand what he said. This application which our team build is application to translate sign language to English language in order to talk and to communicate with these people easily.

  2. What it does : It's a application to capture the sign language and processing to English language.

  3. How we built it : Using images to learn the sign language and translate into English. We use Neuron Network model to train images and change into English.

  4. Challenges we ran into : It's hard to use images in sign language and change to English.

  5. Accomplishments that we're proud of : We can develop this application to help mute people and facilitate them in daily life.

  6. What we learned : We learn deep learning by using images data to train model. Moreover, we learn to use neuron network to build this model as well.

  7. What's next for UnMute : Learning the sign from users to build the new model.

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