I simply thought about objects that were lost frequently and luggage came to mind

What it does

This will track the state of the luggage through the Lora platform by taking in the temperature, barometer, and humidity senor data. The Lora also sends GPS and accelerometer data to show the user where its located in the airport and what the orientation of the luggage is. This will help in locating the luggage and also determining whether or not that fragile sticker really means something to the workers.

The user will also have the option to either lock or unlock the luggage, which will make it so that if the luggage is opened when it is locked, it will sound off an alarm and email you. This would be done by sending a signal to the Lora and activating a photo resistor, which when read as high will send off an alarm. The Lora will then send back a signal state which will be run on the server and send out an email.

How I built it

Challenges I ran into

Everything stopped working. I mean everything, first the board stopped sending data, then the data wasn't updating, then the data was not being sent to microshare, and after that, just as one more issue, the microshare robot was not working so I had to decode the data myself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have never used Lora before and to see data on a website from the Lora feels like a great first time use of the platform

What I learned

Everything Lora related

What's next for IoT Luggage Tracker

Finishing the GPS and accelerometer data system and configuring a write command for sending data to the Lora for reading

Built With

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