I want it to be easier to move things into the Internet of Things, as that's the next step in automated convenience.

With this, I hope to make it easier for any hobbyist to connect the devices around their house to a botnet. Hopefully, one controlled by them.

What it does

This takes commands from trusted users in IRC, and writes to GPIO pins based on the commands, and can report status of input GPIO pins.

How I built it

Black magic, ritual sacrifice, and magic smoke. (Also the Sopel Python IRC bot)

Challenges I ran into

I did not come prepared for this project, it was actually my third project idea of this hackathon. Scraping together the electronics/wiring for this was the hardest part.

Also, I broke my operating system when I was trying to install the kinect drivers, and operated on a kali live boot for most of the hackathon.

What's next for IoT IRC Bridge

I plan to continue development, and integrate it into a upcoming project of mine, a raspberry pi controlled vending machine.

How To Try


Commands are .blink

It will not exist past the end of the hackathon, in this form at least.

Built With

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