How it works

This project involved the design of home security system to integrate with Mobile technology, WiFi technology, Web technology, Cloud technology and Access Control technology. This home security system can be remotely access by using Android devices to monitor the security activities within the house through the data collected from sensors and WiFi communication protocol. When security mode is turned on, any recognized harmful activities that occurred within the house will be detected through installed sensors and automatically forward the alert message to the homeowner through the internet. The data from sensors will constantly be stored in the cloud storage and interact with the custom web-based application that enable it to display in a website, and this allow the homeowner to have an advantage to monitor any potential harmful activity that might occurred within the house in real-time. Access control technology implemented in this system uses the (NFC) "Near Field Communication" approach to provide access to the recognized individuals (guests or family members) with the rights to enter the house.

What's next for IoT-Home Security Monitoring System

For future improvements, home security system is a significant part for the building blocks of smart home, consideration of including as much sensors as possible is the key to making the home “smarter”, thus collectively linked to the safety of a house.

More information

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