IoT-Hackathon 2019 - Mandrill Team

The Shams Project

We believe in a living and breathable city. What does it mean to be alive for a city? It's about CHANGE, it changes the way it behaves and interacts with their citizens in a smart way.

For that matter, the city limbs, voice, eyes and other senses are provided by the enabling technology of NOKIA uMEC Smart Pole.

Crossing information from the Time, Humidity, Luminosity, Temperature, Camera, Body detection and faces allows us to display appropriate information to the citizen through the uMEC-Screen.

The context and the set of environmental conditions makes it possible to tailor a unique and direct experience to the citizen.

How is this different from regular display information on the street?

You might walk on the same street, but on a different city every time. The display of information is guarantee to be based in many surrounding factors that actually makes the citizen realized that he would always have access to something new and different. This enables a business model where organizations or companies can choose the environmental factor or context in which their offer should be displayed.


Clone the project on the uMEC, and for the Pole run the following file:

python smart-pole-ads/

For the uMEC Monitor run the following file:

python smart-pole-ads/client/

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