We wanted to make a IoT project and we think making an IoT Greenhouse is a good start.

What it does

It takes care of plants by measuring its temperature, moisture, and humidity. Based on these data collected, it will turn on a fan or a water pump to reduce the temperature, moisture, or humidity. It also puts these values into a chart and a professional looking UI. Through the UI, the user can also control the water pump and fan by clicking control buttons. The user will also be able to share the statistics to their Twitter.

How I built it

Used Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and 3D printing.

Challenges I ran into

Bad internet, non-working parts/broken parts, and some 3d printing problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting everything done except the pump function (might work later) and we learned many new skills.

What I learned

Node-red and IoT

What's next for IoT Greenhouse

Get the water pump working and use Alexa for voice control.

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