Poverty & Dreams Yes, As an IoT developer, I have dreams to invent and innovate many IoT products, which are useful for every human being. But, Lack of resource stopping me to go further. Not just me, there are many talented people around the world facing the same problem. So, I wanted to try something to solve this, After all, a few electronic components shouldn't stop our dreams, so I created this app, to go further as a community.

These 2 people taught me the power of the community.

"None of us is as smart as all of us." --Ken Blanchard "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success." --Henry Ford

What it does

It provides the platform to find IoT geeks around you. You can connect with them. If they accept your request, you can work together as a team. You can exchange your hardware components and software knowledge. Complete the project as a team. Every Project has the FB Like & Share Option. They can share the project on FB.

How I built it

I built it using PHP & MySQL. I have used many other web technologies like Ajax, JSON, JQuery. Since I'm a beginner in React, I have used React only in a few places here and there.

Challenges I ran into

Time : Somehow I missed this event's update. Just two weeks before only, I got to know about this event. So, worked on this project day and night, like 'Beast Mode' ON. Validation of this idea : This idea seems perfect. But, I wanted to validate this idea before building the product. So, I organized a demo Hackday, and implemented the same concept. We clubbed into 3 groups, we exchanged our hardware & software, We built a few awesome IoT Products. Everyone appreciated this concept. It was a huge success.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have created an app for a good cause. It gives me the soul-satisfaction. I started to use react Js.

What I learned

I'm new to react. At first, it was a bit difficult... but, slowly I started to Love React. Though I used React only here and there in a few places in this project, I will use more react in my upcoming projects. It is really easy to use.

What's next for VIoT Labs

I hope VIoT Labs will be useful to the IoT enthusiast across the world. Surely, it will become popular among IoT geeks. As a first step, I am planning to focus more on developing countries like India, China, and other African countries. It will help them to achieve their dreams in a cost-effective way. The plus point is, it helps to connect with the great minds in your city.

Then, I'm planning to add Job Postings, Tutorials, Simulation lab, etc...

We already started to do Hackday across India. Willing to do more as a community..!!

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