IoT trash-compactor detector

Inspiration for IOT waste compost

Provide an alternative solution for waste management technology to empty City or office bins of overflowing with trash or recycling helping private or public government reduce cost and time while increase efficiency in waste management.

What it does

An IoT device that is sensing an event of weight or overflow will send data using a MQTT broker; the broker will send the off-chain data to a ChainlinkNode with an external adapter. The IoT data is stored and retrieve to view in a dashboard for the business owner to track the work progress and also available to view for users using an oracle contract.

How we built it

The project put effort on testing with real sensor and simulated IoT device,

  • a Raspberry as IoT sensor generator ( node-red)
  • multiple device simulator with open source:

Use docker to build a local container for this project for management  of Real-time data

Eclipse Streamsheet - transform and visualize data from MQTT

Mosquitto broker - connect sensors, devices and apps

Challenges we ran into

We weren’t able to build the external-adapter as we spent most of the time to generate IoT traffic and been received in the mosquito broker.

Node Operator was setup, tested Oracle Jobs however we missed to build a basic request contract with solidity.

  • testing has to be in the local network, public addresses to allocate devices in different locations

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • setup a device generator with raspberry pi and Simulated IoT system that we can use in the future with open source apps;
  • it was awesome to see the potential of traffic injectors and see results in the MQTT broker with data such as temperature, weight, methane, etc.
  • setup a Chainlink Node; generate an oracle contract and see jobs running in Node in the Goerli TestNet

What we learned

There are open source IoT real-time processing that we can use to model of type of traffic

Build an IoT traffic generator

Generate a traffic model with node-red

What's next for IoT-trash-compactor-detector

  • complete the external adapter running
  • build the smart contract on solidity
  • build a Web3 app that users can use to view heat-map data and for business owner to generate smart-contract to dispatch trash pickup, maintenance or other operational activities. NEXT STEPS

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