To improve the quality of life and have real-time data which can improve safety for elderly as well as kids, while also allowing to make different features of a household more easily accessible.

What it does

It creates smarter and more connected home by integrating various household functions and providing real-time data about the home.

How we built it

We built it by combining various sensors, relays and modules with microcontroller. The microcontrollers uses the blue wireless notecard to send and receive real-time data from server and database. We also created a web portal to monitor the real-time data and engage in home automation. We also integrated NFT to be used as a key token to unlock the door of the house.

Challenges we ran into

  • Getting familiarized with the blue wireless notecard
  • Interfacing all different sensors with the microcontroller
  • Building backend of the server
  • Building web portal
  • Integrating all these technologies together
  • Managing the latency issues between the microcontroller, notecard and server

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Integrating Blockchain and NFT technology with our IoT device
  • Enabling Bi-directional communication between our device and portal
  • Achieving minimum latency
  • Integrating software and hardware (web-portal and hardware)

What we learned

  • Usage of Blue wireless notecard
  • Complementing Web portal with the Hardware
  • Networking and protocols concept used for the different hardware devices
  • Implementing Blockchain and NFT with IoT

What's next for IoT-Dome

  • More features, sensors and functionalities to be added in the device
  • Trying to minimize the latency to the very least
  • Making the hardware device more compact and compatible to implement in the household

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