I was inspired by this challenge's heading:

Does your watch know what your coffee maker is up to?

Before this project - No. Now - YES - and that's not all...

How it works

I've made a wearable app for the pebble watch with pebble.js that connects to a Spark Core IoT micro-controller. The spark core is connected to various sensors, relays and coffee makers around my house. Now my watch knows what everything is up to. Wrahhhhahahah!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm most proud of the following features:

Occupancy- I connected spark core pins A0-A05 to four motion sensors and two reed switches. Now I'm able to track motion around my house and instantly know if doors are opened or closed just by looking at my watch.

Lights- I connected spark core pins D0-D2 to relays that switch on/off three outdoor lights. These can now be controlled via my watch instead of having to go downstairs and operate them manually.

Garage Doors- I've connected pins D3 and D4 to my garage door openers' switches. I'm now able to open/close both of my garage doors from anywhere, just using my watch - like a boss!

Coffee - I've connected pins D5 and D6 to the switches that operate my coffee machines. I've also created an in-app timer. So now I can not only brew coffee, I can tell how fresh it is.

Drone - Since parrot drones have their own restful API, I'm able to control drones using this same app. This part is still in development.

What I learned

This is my first pebble.js app. I learned how amazingly connected this little pebble can be. I also learned how to use IoT in ways that help my immediate family closer to home.

What's next for IoT Control Watch

Version 1.0 is already available on the pebble app store as a free download Try it now

It's open-source. I've put all of the code up on github

I realized that in order to distribute this app, I would need to remove my unique spark core credentials. The next version will use pebble's app config to allow the user to enter their own credentials.

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