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"Useless shit that nobody needs" hackathon. A flash of genius.

What it does

Monitors the temperature of your cup on both the inside and outside to ensure proper drinking and handling temperature. Also knows how much coffee you have so it can tell you when to refill.

How we built it

Wire's were taped at 1.5" intervals to a DS18B20 temperature sensor which was dropped into the coffee cup. A 3D sleeve was custom fitted to a Tim Horton's cup and used as a mount for the ESP8266 Huzzah and Lithium chemistry battery.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a series of GitHub merge conflicts which set us back.

Accomplishments that we're proud

We were successfully able to attach all of the required peripherals with just a hot glue gun and nothing lit on fire during testing.

What we learned

Reegan managed the hardware side of the project and had to learn one-wire, multi-device communication. Mike handled the web development side of things and had to learn how to connect to the local WiFi and POST to a service he has never used, IFTTT.

What's next for IoT Coffee Sleeve

With the capability to sense the outside and inside temperature of the cup, we can calculate the rate of heat transfer to provide predicted cooling times to the customer.

Built With

  • arduino
  • esp8266
  • platformio
  • temperature-sensor
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