I am an Intel Software Innovator, Microsoft MVP, an author, speaker and a passionate Software Developer who is always willing to learn and explore new technologies.I am from a small town of India hence a self learner. I believe doing things in the most simpler manner as it can be and now I am sharing my knowledge with various programming communities and motivating aspiring developers. To share knowledge I wanted to create a platform where people can learn things online. I am not an engineer but while learning and working for IoT I realized it is not only for engineers. With good ideas and knowledge anyone can create amazing Internet of Things based applications, so I decided to create a blog completely dedicated to this.

What it does

It is a knowledge bank where people can start learning Internet of Things based projects and easily create something amazing with IoT. link.

How I built it

I have built the Website with Wordpress, php and Azure. To make this website highly secure I have integrated CryptoPhoto Authentication.

Challenges I ran into

Every website on the internet should be secure and safe. Website is an online identity so we should always be careful from Malware and Phishing attacks as we don't want to serve our visitors irreverent content. One should have a two way authentication in their website and I found CryptoPhoto very easy to integrate. It makes the login easy and make my website most secure.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of creating a website that serves as a knowledge bank for IoT enthusiast. Now my website is highly secure with Cryptophoto so that will help me in serving better content and hence no malware and phishing .

What I learned

I learned - How efficient CryptoPhoto is. It is very easy to integrate in our website and blog.

Why CryptoPhoto

More than half of all break-ins start from phishing. CryptoPhoto blocks them. It also warns instantly when you come under attack, and protects you from dishonest users too. CryptoPhoto makes login fast.Potential victims cannot be tricked into revealing passwords - not by web sites, not by phone calls, and not in person. CryptoPhoto neutralizes stolen passwords. Keyloggers and shoulder surfing are no longer useful threats to attackers or observers. It can also function offline (eg: over a telephone). It mitigates or prevents other potential user mistakes, like telling people their password, Writing down passwords or shoulder surfing. It is cheap or even free to deploy to the providing web site, or to end users.

What's next for IoT Blog

IoT blog will continue growing and I along with many guest authors will keep writing and sharing our knowledge on this blog. link. Many more guest authors will be invited to share their projects and the best projects from this blog will be given shape of a beautiful book and will be published soon. With CryptoPhoto our Authors are more happy as now the website is fully secured and hence their content is.

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