To build a security system based on IoT for women which is portable, also provides self defense to help women in any critical situation.

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What it does

Electric Shock gloves (self defense without internet) Smart pendant emergency alert and Led Flash with the help of the internet

SPEESH: Smart Pendant Emergency and Electrical Shock Hands

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How we built it

software required:

Twilio Api, ES plorer IDE , LUA programming, python programming

hardware required:

camera module, gps module, push button, alerts call, nodemcu ESP-12E, PIR Sensor/ultrasonic, battery, Electric shock gloves

Challenges we ran into

few hardware are not available


The IoT devices; Electric Shock gloves and Smart pendant will be sold online as telephony accessories. The subscription to the service for the end-users is free (App store). The town halls will support the Smart Cities services cost (Cloud services). The application is globally scalable.

Be aware, features like image/video recordings and police/CCTV messages are options (the end-user can enable them depending on local regulation laws and installations maturity degree of the Smart Cities).

Our team is proud of:

Shalini: She proposed this brilliant idea. She implemented both the hardware and software parts very efficiently. We are very proud of her for sharing this unique idea with the team and for successfully completing this project. Stephanie: She implemented all new ideas, she designed the architecture of the project. We are very proud of her contribution.

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