In this project has two sections that is -Arduino Uno and ESP-32 each has seperate codes


upload the code to both of them as per the circuit

# Objetives: Most of the covid-19 patients got escaped from that , so we planned to made the simple solution using the IOT. In this system the escaping person goes outside through the way the Ultrasonic sensor detects the person and make ALARM to all the Doctors and security persons on the hospital Through the SMS and CALL . So the escaping of the persons can be prevented by this system,and also we make the live monitoring of air conditions on the covid -19 wards and these data are shown live by the android application with the Matlab analysis.

# Live covid-19 ward air condition monitor In this system have a DHT11 sensor which can sense the Temperature and Humidity in the ward These datas are processed by the ESP-32 microcontroller. And these data are processed by the cloud server name called as THINGSPEAK. In this server we can analysis the data through the MATLAB. And the data are visualized ,so better understanding the conditions.


Very lost to implement Live Matlab analysis through the server Live monitoring through the android application Faster and live alert calls and messages to the securities On spot air condition monitoring Low power consumption. Operates in 2.4GHZ band WIFI and GSM celluar system

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