I started mentoring at the CSUMB Capstone program last year, and I've been working on IOT for a couple of years. Early this year my team at Progress Software worked on a Conference App where we used RFID and AMTech.Solutions to track attendees real-time. In previous projects we have used iBeacons, and at home I'm leading a neighborhood project that uses Placemeter. When we discussed this year's capstone we brainstormed around several ideas and eventually settled on this one.

What it does

We use IP cameras connected to the Placemeter CV platform to count activity around digital markers in the building, and then feed this into the platform. We also use Estimotes to do the same but additionally use them to navigate the building, specially during the Capstone Festival. We are exploring different ways to present the data including heatmaps and time-series displays.

How I built it

The team is 4 CSUMB students: Alcides Sorto, Cesar Galvan, Brayanne Reyes and Luis Montejano.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for IOT at BIT@CSUMB

Built With

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