What it does

IoSECURITY provides a complete network setup for home users. An IoSECURITY server is connected to the home router allowing increased security, privacy, management and customization.

The IoSECURITY server features are accessed through a webapp. IoSECURITY server allows home administrators to:

  1. Accept or deny guest requests to access WiFi
  2. Set time limit for guest accounts
  3. Block users
  4. Limit visibility of guest users to home IoT devices

How we built it

Node.js to set up server.

Challenges we ran into

Initially users were to be allowed into the network using FreeBSD's Packet Filter Firewall on a Raspberry pi. Due to complications in running Node.js and our databas on the Pi itself (we want a one for all solution!), an Odroid C2 arm64 board running Arch Linux was used. The rules were written using IPTABLES and Node.js ran fine afterwards!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Setting up a server using node.js. mongo.db for database

What's next for IoSecurity

Bugs would need to be fixed for a smooth application. In addition, features might be edited to optimize the Webapp after receiving feedback from users.

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