I get police texts which detail that someone has been assaulted or there has been a crime which takes a while for this to be verified. I wanted to make an app where the user could report an unsafe area right away to friends/family.

What it does

The user can mark a location with a certain crime and other users can see what the location is by tapping on it and when the location has been selected, it will automatically send the category and address to specified phone numbers and this is to make sure that if something happens to the user, the police have the most recent information about their whereabouts but we want that to prevent that from happening in the first place so if the user reports an area to be unsafe, other people can avoid that certain spot.

How we built it

Used Swift, Twilio, MongoDB, and Google Cloud.

Challenges we ran into

Getting feedback from others was one of the more important aspects of this projects since coming up with important features since this is a big app was extremely helpful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Sending the exact location of wherever the user pinpointed and sending that information to a specified phone number is very versatile while having the option to speed dial the police is extremely useful as well.

What we learned

Coming up with the idea to make this was very difficult and took a whole day to brainstorm. We want to be able to streamline the idea process so that we can maximize our coding time.

What's next for Danger Zone

Implement more features that we were not able to from this hackathon.

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