Have you ever looked at your favorite website and wished it had stories? We certainly didn't. But that didn't stop us from building it.

What it does

With our chrome extension, you are able to post your own stories from your webcam to any site you want. Stories are filtered by site and by facebook friends, so the stories you see in your Gmail inbox are different than those on Github!

How we built it

Fueled by pretzels and Costco bottled water, we used a Java Spark backend, and a basic JS frontend. Cloudinary was used as a storage system for images. It's pretty janky.

Challenges we ran into

Things that work in most cases don't work when put into a Chrome extension. We also had a fun time messing around with security settings. The Facebook graph api is also pretty finicky in chrome extensions. The extension was actually really annoying to use because it would block the search bar of Google. As a mentor noted - "Man I really wouldn't want to use that." We agree

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about building chrome extensions, as well as the limitations of browser programs. We have also managed to semi successfully transmute pasta into a working program.

What we learned

The Facebook Graph api is a pain to use in chrome extensions. Actually everything is a pain to use with Chrome extensions. We also learned that most sites really don't need stories.

What's next for iOS - Internet of Stories

Fame and Glory. And maybe a cease and desist. Maybe two.

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