What it does

Diabetics need insulin and insulin needs to be kept cool, with InSafe by Internet of Health patients are unshackled from ice packs. By using LoRaWAN’s revolutionary capabilities we have coverage in 63 communities to monitor a diabetics insulin supply. Using a range of sensors as well as local weather predictions we use a proprietary algorithm to revolutionise a diabetics life by telling them their insulin will get too hot before it has even happened allowing them to stay safe as well as saving the health system money wasted every time unsafely stored insulin has to be thrown away.

How we built it

The SODAQ explorer monitors the onboard temperature and location sensors as well as external temperature and light sensors and an analogue input for battery level. This data is transmitted to The Things Network via LoRaWAN and accessed, through microshares api, by our local prototype secure server. Within our server, we also query the openweathermap api with the location sent by the SODAQ in order to get short term temperature predictions. All of this is then fed through our proprietary algorithm and then the relevant instructions are communicated to the user.

Challenges we ran into

Forgot to bring a battery to run the fan. Explorer board shut off for unknown reasons during low temperature testing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting all the diverse technology elements running and combining them to address a real world medical problem.

What we learned

Loads. Some highlights:

  • How to program Sodaq Explorer board
  • How to connect to the Things Network
  • How to interface with Things Network using microshares
  • How to use the microshare API to link the data with our web portal
  • How to create a robot on to give an email alert
  • Capabilities of LoRa
  • (Some team member learnt how to program a microcontroller for the very first time!)
  • Team presentation skills

What's next for IoH

Seed investment, recruit BD team, produce 'looks-like' prototype to evaluate with patients/customers. First clinical trial in use with dataloggers.

Built With

  • lorawan
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