Totally automated IOT with zero user interaction. Also we were impressed with the sleep efficiency of several microchips.

What it does

It's a tiny chip that goes in or on a package. When it comes within range of a known wifi station it will connect and post to our server the ID of that wifi (and itself). Thus its position is known.

How we built it

The chip is an ESP8266, we coded it with the arduino coder. The webservices are done with node.js, and the backbone is done using postgreSQL and IBM bluemix

Challenges we ran into

sending to bluemix from ESP8266. We first also attempted using .NET but had to switch to node.js due to challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Extreme power efficiency (safe 90 days of operation), long wifi range, riddiculously cheap unit cost (< 3€ for materials (for a private person!))

What we learned

None of us had used node.js so we all learned a ton of that. We also learned a lot about IBM bluemix and developing a business model and hackathoning in general!

What's next for IOGScout

full-fledged prototype stage with a working web service! :)

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