Intranet is a student-built project that was originally built to support the Eighth Period program at TJHSST, but now does so much more. Prior to the 1999-2000 school year, several students laid the foundation for what became this web-based solution, partially as an assurance against potential 2-digit year problems with the aging Eighth Period system, but more importantly as a simplified and enriched way to register.

Intranet2 is a redeveloped version of Intranet designed to be easier to maintain and extend. Where Intranet innovated by using new technologies and proved useful to students and faculty alike, Intranet2 aims to follow.

I have worked on improving the student and faculty Intranet used at my school, TJHSST, since my freshman year in high school. The current Intranet application is written in PHP, and allows students to sign up for something to do during their 8th period class time, which is allocated for student activities, and faculty to manage scheduling, activities, and attendance. The current version of the software is experiencing problems after 8 years of use, and is becoming increasingly bloated and outdated. I'm currently working on a replacement system using the Python Django framework with a friend of mine, and am attempting to bring the application into the modern age.

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