Have you ever made yourself a cup of tea, and then promptly forgot about it when waiting for the water to cool? We have. Imagine a Smart IOCup™, that constantly measures the temperature of your drink and notifies you when it is the perfect temperature.

What it does

The Smart IOCup™ is packed full of features:

  • Constant temperature monitoring
  • Accelerometer-powered sip detection
  • Automatically dipping your tea bag, and pulling it out of the water when it's done
  • Smart dashboard!
    • View graphs of your drinking history
    • View calculate estimate of when your tea will be drinkable
    • Control auto-dipping feature
    • Manually start or stop dipping the tea bag

How we built it

At the core of the Smart IOCup™ is an ESP32, a bunch of sensors and a servo motor jerry-rigged to a cup. This smart cup connects to the local wifi network, and starts streaming the sensor data and listens to commands. The server is implemented using node.js. It receives POST requests from the ESP, and also GET requests for the data from the client. The client queries the server and then uses the plotly javascript library to draw a graph of the last 10 minutes.

What's next for IOCup

There's still a lot of improvements that could be made!

  • The web ui could be improved,
  • Notifications should really be sent to your phone
  • The accelerometer could be used to determine how much fluid is left
    • Use the angle you have to drink at to calculate it
    • Show stats for amount drunk/sip etc
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