IoT has always been close to my heart. I must admit that I haven't followed the tech trends lately, and was pleasantly surprised to come across this related term today. I figured that this was a good place as any to talk about it!

Challenges Faced

I had a video in the making, but I lost a lot of data since there was a power failure... Well, c'est la vie, I guess

What I Learnt

The Internet of Things is an interconnected web of “smart devices” - i.e. devices that speak with each other via sensors over a network. On the other hand, IoB, the Internet of Behaviours concentrates on the habits of the users interacting with IoT systems. It essentially maps the data generated by the IoT systems, to certain user behaviours.

As you can imagine, this has enormous scope to back up concepts like online advertising, identifying possible criminals from previous records and retail. And I'm sure you can also imagine the flip side - it comes much closer to mapping private data to unique individuals - a breach of privacy more than ever before. With the threat of cybercrime growing by the day and the fact that no system is 100% secure, is now really the time to up the stakes?

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