InWhite was a brainchild of what the future of collaboration and workspaces would look like. I wanted to create a system that allowed interactive content to be projected onto a white board. The user writes a squiggly on the whiteboard, and before his/her eyes watch the line come to life.

I have a webcam processing video frames that are processing the drawings that are drawn on the white board. From there, I developed my own recognition system that will convert the physical drawing into a digital drawing, from there, you can interact with the line with the mouse.

This is a low cost that enables ordinary whiteboards to have and share interactive content with people. I see this as having a huge market for buisness to enable a new kind of remote collaboration and entertainment for new kinds of interaction.

The system was developed using a pico pocket projector, an AV to HDMI converter, and a creative coding library called Processing :)

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