We want to raise awareness of the scientific truth about coronavirus and the social issues (e.g. racism against Chinese people) it caused. We were inspired by Plague Inc to create an inverse version.

What it does

This game tells the storyline of an American exchange student studying and living with a host family in Wuhan, China. When coronavirus attacked the city, the student learnt hygienic personal habits about how to prevent it from spreading, and fought against the racism it caused to Chinese people. Players would make choices that affect the powers of human and virus, respectively, and be educated and informed on the ride. They would also be touched by a heartwarming imaginative story of people defeating the virus and building a better society.

How we built it

We used Twine with Javascript and HTML.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble with the two bars showing health values of humans and the virus.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got familiar with the usage of Twine and wrote a whole story about a better version of reality. We collaborated and assigned different jobs to each person, according to their strengths.

What we learned

Some issues about coronavirus were still super controversial, even details like what kind of masks to wear for daily life. For computer techniques, we learned to use platforms like Twine to simplify computer language writing.

What's next for InvPlague

We want to add more web pages about how we can help people in need. For example, we can add ways of donation and we can update the donation situations for institutions or hospital that lack of resources, so more people can help and more people can get help. Also, our web could be further refined and furnished like adding more images and make the progress bars work more smoothly.

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