In classes, students usually prefer not to ask questions even if they are confused about certain concepts. Sometimes more than half of the students cannot understand a concept but only a small portion of them are willing to raise questions in such a big classroom. However, professors might be unaware of this situation. Therefore, we decided to build a project to increase students' online participation in order to improve their understandings of course content.

What it does

Our project offers two ways for users. Users can use our application in two ways, including App and website. The App and the website will share the same database. For teachers, they can log into their accounts and find certain courses they teach. Under each course, they are able to upload certain concepts/keywords for each lecture. For students, they can log into their accounts and find certain courses they take. Under each course, they are able to view the uploaded concepts/keywords for each lecture. For each concept/keyword, students are able to click on the button "Agree" to show that they want professors to review this concept. The program will record the number of "Agree" and show it. When the number reaches a certain percentage, the program will raise a warning window to professors and indicate that lots of students want to recap certain a concept. The percentage can be set by professors.

How we built it

We used expo and react native to build the App, and used Wix to build the website. We store the courses and keywords in the database and access them afterward.

Challenges we ran into

It is difficult to update the database when someone clicks on a keyword. We also had problems with displaying the corresponding keywords by clicking the course name.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are able to improve students' participation of students in classes. We involve database in the application well.

What we learned

We are better at using firebase and javascript. We have a better understanding of app design and storing and getting data from the database. We also improve our communication skills and collaboration skills.

What's next for involved in courses

We will encourage professors to use our application

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