Imagine you’re a vendor doing business with an organization that is based only in one city but has 22 different accounts payable organizations and processes everything in paper manually? Now imagine you’re a leader in this same organization with 22 different accounts payable groups. How would you manage given limited the limited visibility into this siloed, paper based environment? This organization is the City of Houston.

Our project suggests the City:

  1. Create a simplified, single version of truth, and release and automate the data around procurement and AP for scrutiny;
  2. Use the public data to do performance and compliance audits; and,
  3. Build on success by implementing the electronic invoicing campaign promises.

We’ve created dashboards to demonstrate what’s possible:

  1. Our Executive Dashboard shows the number of PO-based invoices processed fiscal year to date. You can also see the largest groups processing the invoices and their top vendors.

  2. The Processing and Payment Terms dashboard allows for a more operational view. We can see the number of invoices pending payment and overdue. Meanwhile, some groups with large red bars in the speed to post are having problems entering documents timely. The breakdown of payment terms shows the success that has been made in cash management practices as only 25% of dollars invoiced are marked as pay immediately compared to 85% two years ago. Additionally, we can see the opportunities for buyers upstream to offer early payment discount terms given only half a percent of invoices had discounts available.

  3. The compliance dashboard allows us to see areas where the City could do better to improve its review and internal controls around tying spend to individual contracts. For instance – we see three separate vendors called “Linebarger” have been paid this fiscal year but none of this is tied to a contract to allow for easy reporting. We can also find spend items that are over $50K that may not have gone to Council.

  4. Finally, our cost per invoice dashboard attempts to derive a cost per invoice by processing group and compare that cost to industry standards.

So to review: release AP and procurement data; manage to the data; and improve on gains made by implementing electronic invoicing – that’s our project proposal.

TRY IT OUT IS FOR INTERNAL CITY EMPLOYEES http://tableau.houtx.lcl/views/InvoiceExecutiveDashboard/ExecutiveDashboard?:embed=y&:showShareOptions=true&:display_count=no&:showVizHome=no

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