ESPC2016 changing the mindset the way technology and plugging us into the new era of work culture. I wanted to apply my learning as much as possible to solve a simple small scale business invoice generation with mobile, office 365 and outlook. I simply loved the simplicity of working with powerapps and flow to produce a minimal viable product in 2 days.

What it does

It help Service staff to create a simple invoice for their customers and send an email to them automatically from any device where they enter basic information.

How I built it

I was not having a type script experience so during hackathon I was figuring out the best way to implement a simple business scenario but an app that can be used by many. So decided to go with Powerapps and build the interface connected to a list. I wanted to store the picture of the service staff and his signature but some how the mapping was not happening and this is reported as a known issue. Now its getting too late and may be will work on getting this fix by brushing up my development skills.

Challenges I ran into

Mapping the picture in list to the powerapps.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud that i could make an end to end usable product in 2 days with almost NO CODE solution, if i brush up my skills and workout on spfx, react and typescripts. I feel i could bring more such good ideas into reality. Thank you Microsoft to give me such an opportunity.

What I learned

Any idea in mind if you strive hard you could get it working with Microsoft's varied technologies and enhancements. Knowing where is the hidden techniques to quickly build app and harnessing the skills in certain new avenues can help us create vivid and creative products for the customer in no time.

What's next for Invoice App

I want to get some charting and fix the signature and photo mapping. If possible want to add another flow for approving the invoice before it goes to customer. This will be my next learning curve i need to straighten out.

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